Little Tigers & Children

Master Ken specializes in working with children. Each child is taught at an individual pace and is never pushed to “keep up”. This method of teaching allows children to better develop and brings out their greatest potential.


Improved concentration and focus, which contributes to better learning and achievement in school.

Discipline and self control that results in a sense of responsibility and better overall behavior.

Confidence…(I CAN DO IT!)…to be an individual and cope with peer pressure.


Self-esteem to develop dignity and a good opinion of one’s own worth.


Learning to set and attain goals.

Physical skills that aid growth and performance as well as advance coordination, flexibility, strength and general fitness and well-being.

Learning martial arts techniques useful in self-defense.

Developing a greater sense of community and becoming a role model.

Moral Values on which to base strong mental training for entire social development.


Meeting new friends and challenges in a dynamic environment.

Most importantly…FUN!…