Practical Hapki Yusul

Master Ken’s Hapki Yusul incorporates a philosophy of non-violence, self improvement, adaptability, and physical, emotional and spiritual balance, with the basic Hapkido training. Additionally, Master Ken’s Hapki Yusul formalizes a series of techniques, although at advanced levels students are expected to synthesize their own work.

Holds and joint locks are used primarily for control of an aggressor. They are primarily defensive, but at more advanced levels can be interpreted as attacks. Throws and re-direction of an aggressor’s energy use an attacker’s momentum to continue their own motion using the circular motion principle of Hapkido. These techniques depend on the incoming energy of the attack to determine their outcome; a soft or weak attack will require a small or soft re-direction. A large or powerful attack will result in a re-direction or throw that involves much more energy, translating to a more devastating outcome upon the attacker. The blocks used in Master Ken’s Hapki Yusul are usually also re-direction blocks, but some blocks are intended to be used to stop an aggressor’s attack and because of this some blocks are hard blocks. Also legs are used for blocking.

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Ages 16 and up only!